Welcome to the StartSMART Survey. Below are a few frequently asked questions about the survey and program:

Is the program compulsory?

No, the program is for your benefit but you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to.

Where will the responses of the survey be stored/saved?

The responses will not be visible to your employer, or to Allianz. The information will be stored in a secure platform which does not identify you with your name or any other personal details other than your claim number.

Can I access my responses at any time of the process?

No, so that all responses are secure they will not be accessible to you after completion. However, should you require your own responses; you may apply for these using a GIPA form (Government Information Public Access) as is the usual process for obtaining any claim information. A summary of your responses will be sent to your Personal Consultant if you choose to proceed with the program and this will be available for you to discuss during the sessions by video or teleconference conference.

Will the Allianz Case Manager have access to my responses?

No, Your Case Manager will not have access to your responses, but will be notified if you have chosen to participate in the program so they can arrange payment for the cost of the sessions.

Will my employer have access to my information?

No, your employer will not have access to your responses, however we will notify them that you have chosen to participate in the program.

Can information and discussion with my Personal Consultant be used to decline my claim?

No, it is a confidential service aimed at supporting your return to health and wellness. The information you discuss will not be shared with Allianz or your employer. The discussion is for your benefit only.